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Csepegető öntözésLow volume - Drip irrigation

       Drip irrigation is one of the most modern, water-saving  way to irrigate. Water is supplied in small portions directly to the root zone of the plant. The plant can utilize almost the whole delivered quantity.

       Drippers emit only a few liters of water per hour. This value is indicated by the factories precisely. The smaller the water emission of the dripper is, the more plants (in case of drip lines and drip tape:  the longer line) can be fed by the same water supply at the same time.

Why is Dripline a good solution?

       In case we simply drill holes of the same size along the length of a hose, we will experience, that the quantity of the water coming from the first hole is much higher than the quantity of those that are more far from the water supply.
The reason for this is the pressure-loss in the pipe.
We can overcome this problem the following way:
Just at the spot,  where  water  should be emitted, the water  is forced to flow through a  small labyrinth. This is where water looses its pressure,  and only the calibrated quantity  (2, 4, 8 etc. l/h) indicated by the factory, can get through it in the given time. In case of driplines these labyrinths are pre-installed in the pipe. Driplines need no special installation: you can connect them to the water supply, plug the end of the dropline, and ready. Drip irrigation can start!

When should we use drippers?

Dripping emitters are used for watering individual plants, further in case of irregular spacing and /or big distances  between the plants.

In what cases is dripline the  ideal choice?

The root zone of shrubs, bushes, treelines reach each other in the earth. This is why it is not a problem, in  case drip emission does not happen exactly at the  stem of the plant.

Why is important to use filtered water for  drip irrigation?

As water passes through very small diameter channels in the labyrinth, it is highly suggested to use filtered water to diminish the hazard for clogging. Filtered water reasonably increases the lifetime of drippers and drip lines. 

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