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Sprinkler systems

       Gardens offer a pleasant  environment. When we just think of gardening we mainly have relaxation in our mind. This is the same with irrigation. Irrigation is not an unagriable activity. Why are we though ready to spend money to get rid of it?

To water our garden needs tremendous time, and the task does not arise when we do have the time for it.  Periods, when plants suffer in lack of water leave lasting signs on the plant for ever.

There is nothing more beautiful, than a fresh green garden scenery. This is not a miracle but the result of the result of the precise work of a sprinkler system. Due to the decreasing investment costs and the increasing cost of water and energy, plus the increasing value of a well groomed garden, the number of green surfaces with a sprinkler system installed had a big boom recently.


What does a sprinkler system mean for the home owner? First of all it means a huge change in his life. There is no need to spare the time for it every day. The sprayheads are constatly on their place instaled, so noone has to hold the sprayer. You don’t even have to think of it: the controller remembers the requested times when watering must run.

Why do we speak about a system?   A sprinkler system is a system, because there are many different parts built together and they must ensure the possible best performance. The pipes are selected according to diameter, pressure rating and material, sprinklers are selected according to spray pattern, wetted radius, water discharge, etc., zones are created depending on the water source and perfomance of the heads, the controller must follow the needs of the plants, the soil, the life of the owner…  etc.

What is the advantage of a sprinkler system to a conventional manual irrigation?

  • Water distribution is even.
  • There is no need to pull the hose along the garden
  • The controller keeps the present program.

The  optimal solution is:

Automatic sprinkler system

         The heads and the nozzles are selected  and placed considering the outlines of the surfaces to be irrigated and not to be irrigated.  The quantity and dosage of the water can be  determined by  the needs of the plants. Sprinkler heads are grouped depending on the  performance of the water source, types of the sprinklers and the needs of the plants into zones. Irrigation zone by zone is controlled with the help of  solenoid valves by the controller.

Rotoros szórófej szórásképe

An important point is that the sprinklers’ spray pattern must overlap. An evenly watered surface can be reached by head-to-head irrigation. Such an even water distribution can never be reached by manual or mobile tools. This results, that a sprinkler system compared to conventional methods offers a much more water saving solution. We can diminish losses through the evaporation or overflooding, though the result is a thick, soft virulent vegetation.

Let’s enjoy….

Rough ideas to choose the  right sprinkler type:

  • Use rotors for large open areas (wetted radius over 6 m)  
  • Use spray heads for small fragmented areas (wetted radius max 5,5 m)
  • Use micro sprayers, foggers for rock gardens 
  • Use drip lines, or drippers for row of plants, flower beds

Sprinkler system design:

Do you want to have a sprinkler system in your garden? You can come to the best result if the system is built based on  a good design. Why don’t you ask us to make the design for you? Let us prepare the design according to your personal demands,  and send you the offer.
In case you won’t build the system – you won’t be charged anything.



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Sprinkler-systems 2.
Sprinkler-systems 1.
Sprinkler-systems 4.
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Sprinkler-systems 5.


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