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Pond and decoration in gardens

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  Pond construction        Pond decoration        Garden decoration               Gardening 


          The proximity of ponds brings nature into our homes, should we speak of a waterfall, or a small pond in a hidden part of the garden. You can install a range of different plants, water lilies living in perfect harmony with fishes. In the most  beautiful ponds  we can see fishes, and the water is so clear, that  we can see even the bottom of the pond.

To maintain clean water we can apply the "living elements" and  in addition a well-composed and rated filter system. We sell chemical-free filtration systems, only  filtering minerals to be found in nature, like volcanic rocks, are used.

We can create a pond using ready basins, or your we can create a free form pond after our  imagination covered by pond liner. Those who would like to have a tiny little pond, up to 100 to 200 liters, should rather choose a ready plastic  pond. It is rare to end up with an attractive shape in case of the small size-ponds.

       We can decorate and utilize our garden in a number of ways. You can use decorative elements in the immediate vicinity of the pond, say a gargoyle, fountain jets and lighting. However there are parts that are not specifically belonging to the pond, like a flower bed, terrace, or a vegetable garden.

We offer decorative elements for every corner of the garden  from the germination boxes through the  flowers lattice running till furniture covers.

"Our aim is, that everyone feels comfortable in his garden and we offer everything enabling this." 



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