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How to order

Choose the item and put it in the cart.

Browsing the webshop, you can choose the items you need and collect them in a virtual shopping cart.

"Small cart"

You can follow on the top of the page in the "small cart" what items you have selected so far.
You can also see the total value of the items in the cart and the freight cost.
In some cases we cannot make the freight calculation immediately, in those cases you will get a freight offer separately.

Checking the items

As soon as you have selected all the items you want to purchase, you can finalize your order. This happens on the "checking the items" page.

Here you can see, if the selected item is available from stock, or how many days will it take that we can deliver it.

We may offer you a substitute, that is sooner available, or especially in case of fittings we can suggest you a solution to replace the missing item. 

Here you have to decide item by item, which solution you choose. The items that require your decision are marked by a red question mark.

In case of items where you made your decision, and those that are available from stock, you will see a green "checked" icon.

As soon as all the decisions have been met, you can see the total value, still without freight cost.

Delivery, billing, order

Here you can indicate, if you want to collect the goods yourself, or you request our  door-to-door delivery.

In either way, you can take the goods in parts, or in one lot, when everything is available.

Then, you have to indicate which method of payment you choose.

You can choose your previously added billing address, or you can add a new one.

Also the shipping address can be chosen, or a new one can be added.

If you click the "Send" button, you send your order.

If you chose cash payment, or bank transfer, then you have nothing else to do now. In case you chose credit card payment, then you will be redirected to the bank's site.

You will receive an immediate order confirmation.


In case of payment by credit card you will be redirected to the bank's site, where you can arrange your payment in a secure way.

As soon as payment has been settled, you will get back to our site, and will be informed, that your payment tansaction was successful.

In case the payment did not succeed, we will contact you within soon, to find the payment method you choose instead.

If you have any question about the checkout please contact us.

Fountain 2.
Automower 1.
Automower 2.
Pond 4.
Pond 2.
Sprinkler-systems 2.
Fountain 3.
Fog cooling 2.
Fountain 1.
Sprinkler-systems 4.
Fog cooling 3.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 5.
Fog cooling 1.
Sprinkler-systems 3.
Automower 3.
Pond 3.
Pond 5.
Pond 1.
Sprinkler-systems 1.
Sprinkler-systems 5.


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