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Illuminated fountain show

Fountain shows represent  the most popular fountain attractions. Digital technologies are combined with art and beauty. Water features are moving according to a special choreography and are accompanied by music. These  fountains  enable several waterplays with the same nozzle combination   you  must  only have different  musical bases for the play.

The nozzles can move and so the  water play can be performed  in one, two, or three dimensions.

The design and the creation of these type of fountains is a comprehensive,  complex  task using robotics  - but  the result is:     a m a z i n g!

What are the phases of realization  until a unique fountain project with a  special design is finished?

Visual designfountain_latvany_big

During the first discussion we want to review the main ideas,  expectations. We study the architectural designs of the area, and outline the project.We study the local cultural  and natural facilities from the project’s point of view.

Concept plan

Our designers  prepare the first draft plan. We are striving with big endeavours  to find the best solution.There is a strong teamwork within the designers  to create harmony between all the effects.

Illustration  - Animation

monitorA detailed, 3D, animated representation of the fountain helps to visualise the result to be expected, and confirm the design.

The visual effects are created by mixing the classic drawing elements and the digital technology.

The animators build a 3D world to enable a sight into the dreamed space.

Designing and finalizing the system


Ingenious inspect the elements to be used, control the water streams, design the lighting- and electric system.

They design and calculate how should the water feature move.

The designs are systematically  double-checked  to avoid any problem during construction and operation.
fountain monitor pipe2

We make tests and experiments with new tech- nologies in order to offer unrivalled experiences.

We test the parts and materials to be used in the project, how they behave against water, fogg and other materials.

In order to answer the highest demands, we only use products of producers of the cutting edge with specially controlled quality.

tervek ikon

As soon as all the smallest details are elaborated, we are ready to finalize the designs, technical descriptions and the financial budget.


elso inditas

The fountain from the drawing board begins to live. First the bases appear.

No matter, how far the installation takes place, the building procedure is followed in details from the first to the last minute. Our installers  work Within Hungary and in numerous places throughout Europe.  They build complete fountains or make fine tuning of the system.

All elements are individually tested before the actual operation is checked.

Fountain 3.
Fountain 5.
Fountain 1.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 2.


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