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Fountain kits - Mini fountains

Fountain kits, Mini fountains are the miniature copies of the big fountains.  They offer complex and fast solution for restaurants,  hotels, private gardens.  They are very popular thanks to their mobility and aesthetic appearance. The items offered in this category are complete kits,  only water and an electric connection is needed for them.



How are they built up?

The base of the mini fountains is a container with a lid. This lid varies with the type: it is either a plastic, or a steel grid. These grids hold the stone of the fountain, reps. those covering materials that hide the base of the fountain.

The pump is placed in this container, and   water is stored here. The pump uses the water from here and ejects through the nozzle. Finally water flows back to the container.

The system is very stable, requires no maintenance. The only point to follow is that  always sufficient quantity of water should be in the container. Should we miss to refill the container, there is no real problem either. The pumps have a heat-protection,  so in case the water is all, the pump will simply stop.

The mini fountain kits can be combined with each other, there is the possibility to create pleasing variations of them.

Fountain 2.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 3.
Fountain 1.
Fountain 5.


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