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Fountain set for desired water features: Fountain Dream Pack©

Fountain Dream Pack© sets are  delivered complete with pump and  necessary nozzles. The sets  can be installed in any pool with a water depth of 50-60 cm.


The nozzles we offer are made of brass and of stainless steel to reach a perfect and long lasting water feature.


Stainless steel pumps with 6 mm grain tolerance and heat resistance to reach for special durability


FullRGB™ LED fixtures are used with remote control

Fast & Easy installation

Delivered dismounted to minimize freight costs

Only task is to provide the cable outlets through the wall

90% of the water features are adjustable: so you pay for one water feature and get several ones

Do you want it with or without lighting?

szokokut-csomagok-vilagitas-nelkul  szokokut-csomagok-vilagitassal    

     Fountain sets without lighting             Fountain sets with RGB lighting            

What does a Fountain Dream Pack© assembly consist of?

  • one or more pumps depending on the nozzle's requirement
  • set of nozzles
  • adjustable nozzle-holder legs
  • 10 m electric cable for  each pump
  • FullRGB™ LED fixtures, each with1 m cable
  • design for installation
  • instructions for installation


Fountain 1.
Fountain 5.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 2.
Fountain 3.


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