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Fountain controller: NanoMagic
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Fountain controller: NanoMagic

Looking for  an easy to program fountain control?

Want to control the outputs in a fast and simple way?

  This is NanoMagic fountain control!

  • The number of outputs can be increased up to 4030!
  • Power output: 24V AC/2A
  • No moving parts (relay) -> trouble-free operation
  • No expensive communication cable
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Master 4, 8, 16, 22, 30
  • Slave +40, +40 .... +40 -> +4000

type of Fountain controller, NanoMagic Master with 4 outputs


Fountain controller, NanoMagic Master with 4 outputs

EUR 447,10

Fountain controller, NanoMagic Master with 4 outputs

EUR 352,05
EUR 447,10 (incl. 27% VAT)

The prices in the chart include VAT.

nano-site2 Master of the system unit and expansion modules available (slave). Any felbővíthető Master unit 30 outputs. Slave units by connecting additional expansion possible subsequently. Up to 100, each with 40 outputs expansion module slave, max. With 4030 output.

Dedicated inputs and outputs of the master unit:

The fountain Master Control Unit has several useful features that every fountain control, basic tasks:

Level control and edge detection:

A total of three NanoMagic Master level sensor can be treated on the basis of which the inlet valve opens automatically.

water level nanomagic

Maximum level: maximum water level in the pool.

Minimum level: Minimum level in the pool at the inlet valve opens.

Error: protection against dry running of the system, the output voltage does not give out or disable the operation below this level.


Edge detection: The Master unit has a wind sensor input. If an active signal, the water will stop playing until the wind stops.

Auto and Manual switch input

The fountain controller connected to a three-position switch makes it easy to switch the device in Manual mode and all outputs are turned on.

Filter output

The programming interface can be set separately in the output filter (filter) operating time.

Music Play

The Master 22 and 30 models have a built-in music player, so the musical fountain can easily be converted into a fountain.

Programmable controller outputs the fountain

The NanoMagic main strength lies in the many programmable output. In the system, a program can be set which arbitrary intervals repeats itself. Each output can be programmed numbered simple tabular interface 0.2-second periods.

The program is very easy to connect, the enclosed microSD card to your computer. Capturing the online programming interface for the program and the resulting file is copied onto your microSD card. The card is plug it into the NanoMagic Master, and it works.

Want to try the API?

Here you can do for your username / password: demo / demo click here

For more detail information, refer to the catalog page and the log book at the top of the page below the picture.

Fountain 5.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 3.
Fountain 2.
Fountain 1.


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