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Fountain - The world of fountains

          Fountains are born out of the mixture of  nature and art: nature  provides the material, the artist creates the effect. Fountains are islands in the cities’ bustle,  where pedestrians can have a rest, take a breath, even ideas grow silent. Imminence of water has a calming, relaxing effect, this is why architects,  city directors  do their best to insert fountains  along the streamline of our running everyday life. Closeness to water results in a feeling of escapism, resolves our stress. The same effect comes from waterfalls, from the gentle sprays of a sprinkler system or from the waterplays of the many-many fountains around the globe. Designers make the visitors of cities, companies, institutions impressed by more and more diverted ideas.

szokokut-csoportFountains for public and private areas

In this category there are hundreds of fountains, smaller and bigger ones to be found. Here you can find  complete sets that enable you to create the  waterscape you like. You may even place an order…  More>>


Water shows

Water shows become more ad more popular  as they offer more ad more spectacular experi- ences thanks to the professional technical solutions. Digital technics and art are combined. Water  performances  are moving according to their choreography… More>>

Floating fountainsuszo-szokokutak

Floating fountains are fountains monted on floating structures in lakes or water reservoirs. Besides their attraction they add oxygen into the water, improving by this its quality. More>>


Parts of fountains

All parts that you may need for the realization of a fountain are available from us. We only offer long lasting, high quality products,  so we can highly recom- mend their installation.

Fountain book icon_2

What is the process in the course of a fountain’s birth?

What are the steps in the during the designing phase, and during the realization?

You can come to know the procedure if you get an insight into our portfolio.   Read in..

garay nezokkel

We can enjoy  fountains most frequently  in public places or parks,  and outside  or inside shopping malls. These fountains aim to impress the people walking around by its beauty, to give a refreshing feeling.

mini szokokut 2Floating fountains  do not impress  merely by the attractive form, but by the robust appearance as well.

Fountains in private gardens are usually smaller in dimensions, though in most cases they have a graceful design, give the feeling of  proximity and so  harmony and a personal touch.

The fountains in shopping malls, market places, public parks or private gardens or parks all enhance the mood of the environment – so in daytime as after darkness…

Fountain 3.
Fountain 1.
Fountain 4.
Fountain 5.
Fountain 2.


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