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since 1989

The GardeMatic Ltd.


     When our company started the activity in the year 1989, automatic sprinkler systems were about to start their „boom” in Europe. The  climatic changes make  water  distribution throughout the year more and more uneven.  A garden without a sprinkler system demands   hard drudge instead of  offering leasure time and recreation.  The difference between  the beauty of a  garden with-  and without a sprinkler system  is no longer a theme to talk about.   As regular water supply  is a base for the existence of the plants,  an attractive garden or park can’t be maintained without  our contribution to their need.

    All the many different  products and services  that  enable us  to enjoy  our  open air activities are based on  enjoyable, spectacular   vegetation. 

     The fast  spreading  of  sprinkler systems was slowed by the fact, that it is not enough to connect some elements:   the piping must be hydraulically sized, and the sprinkler heads must be -  with respect to the intensity  - synchronized .  Having started the computer aided designs, there was no drawback to  make designs fast,  cost –effectively  for any territory. The computer based designs have enhanced  the quality of these systems while the costs have decreased.  All these helped that  their popularity  increased,  so in private- as in public areas.

       Garden, as  „living space” became more and more attractive in the past years.  Demand for  new  services  appeared almost day by day.  In the  ditches digged for the sprinkler system  the cables of the  12 V lighting could be burried as well, decreasing by this the costs of installation of the outdoor  lighting. Lighting does not only abolish the limits of  the garden’s use,  but the possibilities can be extended incredibly.  Amazing light-shadow and color-effects,  new dimensions, a mystic atmosphere  can be created by a well considered, well designed lighting system.

      Pools and ponds  increase  the possibilities for activities and also the beauty  of the garden. For ponds we  concentrate on mechanic elements.

        A fountain is the jewel of jewels: it affects all our senses, it affects even our  soul. The  vaporous air  is refreshing, the  ripple of water  makes us relax . The dancing of water the lights, the colours create a unique world:  they make us dazzle, grab us from the grey everyday reality. Watching them we feel the closeness of the elements of nature with the illusion,  that  the rulers are us,  they are in our power.  Fountains are special toys, with never -boring experiences.

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Fog cooling 3.
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